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Shenanigans Queen of Hearts

The game “Queen of Hearts” is a game of chance where a successful player winsthe money held in a Jackpot.

The game begins with a player buying one or more tickets for $1.00 each. The tickets sold during any given week will all be placed in the ticket return bin. Each week, at the time and place shown on the schedule, one ticket will be drawn from the jar. On the spot, the owner ofthe chosen ticket will have the opportunity to try to pick the Queen of Hearts from a prepackaged Queen of Hearts game board. If the owner of the chosen ticket is not present to try for the Queen of Hearts, acard will be drawn on his or her behalf.

If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, the Jackpot will be paid out as described in the Rules. If not, the game continues until the Queen of Hearts is drawn.

In addition, there are smaller prizes if the player does not draw the Queen of Hearts but drawsthe queen of diamonds, clubs, or spades or one of the two jokers. In that case, a smalleramount is paid to the successful player, and the game continues to the next week.

Review The “Official Rules” Below For a Description in More Detail On The Method of Play.

Official Rules

  1. The purchase of a raffle ticket is evidence of the player’s agreement with, andwillingness to conform to, all Rules, as described below.
  2. All tickets are $1.00 each with no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchasedby a player. Tickets may be purchased prior to the first drawing and any time after eachfollowing weekly drawing until the next drawing (Shenanigans reserves the right to stop sales up to 60minutes prior to any drawing to ensure drawing happens on time).
  3. Each game will begin with a full deck of cards, including two jokers. A number, from 1through 54, will be written on the back of each card in the deck.
  4. Each player must write his or her phone number and his or her first and last names as they appear on the player’s government issued ID on the back of the ticket. There may only be one player’s name placed on each ticket. The player will then place his or her ticket in the raffle ticket return bin. Players may write a card number on the back of his or her ticket. If the player is not present and his or her ticket is chosen, the card having the number written on the ticket will be drawn for the player. If there is no number written on the ticket or if the card listed is not available, then the lowest numbered available card will be drawn on behalf of the absent player.
  5. Every Wednesday at the time and place shown on the accompanying schedule, a ticket will be chosen from the ticket box by a designated appointee. The name on the chosen ticket will be announced three times. If the winning player does not report to the designated appointee within five minutes, the card number on the ticket (or the lowest numbered available card if no number was placed on the ticket) will be drawn.
  6. Drawings will not be held on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Easter.
  7. The Jackpot will continue to accumulate weekly until the QUEEN OF HEARTS is drawn. The Jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated weekly and prominently displayed in the location of the drawing and on Shenanigans Facebook page.
  8. A player whose ticket has been chosen and is present at the drawing may draw a card. If the card drawn is the QUEEN OF HEARTS, the player will win 100% of the jackpot. If the player is not present; a card will be drawn for him or her. If the QUEEN OF HEARTS is drawn for an absent player, he or she will receive 50% of the Jackpot. If the winning player is not present, the remaining 50% of the jackpotwill be contributed to the next game, so long as another game is scheduled to follow.
  9. If the QUEEN OF HEARTS is not drawn on a particular week, there are five consolation prizes. If one of the jokers is drawn, the player will receive $100. If one of the other three queens aredrawn; the winning player will receive $25. All other cards have no payout value. Players must be present to win a consolation prize.
  10. Once a card is selected, it will be removed from play for the remainder of each game and will be shown face up on the board.
  11. Each week after the drawing, all tickets for that week’s drawing will be destroyed.
  12. The QUEEN OF HEARTS raffle will continue weekly until the Queen of Hearts is drawn, effectively ending the game.
  13. All winning players are responsible for any and all taxes that relate to his or herwinnings. A W-2G will be issued to any player who has drawn the Queen of Hearts. All information required to complete the W-2G will be provided at the time of the drawing. The award for drawing the Queen of Hearts will not be paid until all information required to complete the W-2G is provided. If a player is unwilling or unable to provide the necessary W-2G information at that time, the successful player’s award will remain as a part of the Jackpot.
  14. All players must be 18 years of age or older.
  15. All winners must have a government issued photo ID to claim his or her prize.
  16. Only one name may be entered on each ticket. If more than one name is on a drawn ticket, the ticket will be discarded and another ticket will be drawn.
  17. Should there be any disagreement regarding the procedure or the results of the game, then the disagreement or results will be resolved in a timely manner by way of a determination from the Shenanigans Management. The Shenanigans Management determination will be final.
  18. All players, evidenced by the purchase of a ticket, agree to this form of binding arbitration.
  19. The QUEEN OF HEARTS game board will be displayed in the scheduled location.
  20. This game is intended to conform to all City, State and other requirements, including, but not limited to the Dover, Ohio ordinance-governing games of chance. Should the game itself, or any of the Rules of the game, violate any law, rule or regulation, then the game shall be played, and the Rules shall be interpreted, so as to not violate such law, rule or regulation.